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100 Word Writing Challenge – Mackenzie (Year 9)

The 100 word challenge is available to children the world over. The top 10 are published weekly. Mackenzie’s was published in June, 2014

The weekly prompt for this piece of writing was this image from photographer Jane Hewitt

“A creature lay before them, its gigantic size and vibrant fur almost blinding them. For years now, they had lived alone at the bottom, their tiny society thriving. He glanced at his neighbour beside him as he gave a curt nod. They had heard of a beast such as this, the legend stated it dwelled in the air, using wings to stay afloat. And here it was. They were fools if they didn’t capture evidence of its existence, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He quickly turned and fetched his camera, smiling as he snapped photos of the beast.”

Mackenzie – Year 9 English Student


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