Make Learning Better in 2015 continues the commitment of MOC to “bring the world into a school”  through engagement with some of the best and most innovative thinkers in education.

Stephen Heppell

In early 2011 Professor Stephen Heppell was invited by the leadership of MOC to visit the college to provide advice  on how best to use the new learning spaces.

The visit was an outstanding success. Since then Professor Heppell has  returned annually and has become our “Thinker in Residence”.

During his time in residence he has presented master classes for staff, talked and worked with students and offered advice on the developmental stages for MOC. A number of our initiatives that aim to “make learning better” are as a result of his input

Stephen will present a keynote on

  • The (different ) Big Data that is now available to schools and how schools can work with that data to make learning better.

He will also do a number of the popular walk and talk workshops around our site about the possible use of space- physical, digital and community.

Dan Haesler

Dan is recognised in Australia & overseas as a leading thinker in the areas of engagement, innovation, wellbeing & positive education Specialising in issues of engagement, wellbeing and leadership, Dan is one of the most sought- after educational thinkers in Australia. Dan has appeared alongside the world’s leading educationalists including Sir Ken Robinson, Professor Sugata Mitra & Dr Yong Zhao.

Dan will present a keynote and workshop around the themes of

  • Engaging Kids Today – It’s about Pedagogy – not Technology!
  • Resilient Kids Need Resilient Teachers

Craig Smith

 Craig has a passion for researching and implementing creative educational best practices for children and young people with autism. He works for Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), is an Apple Distinguished Educator and currently completing PhD studies at the University of Newcastle.
He has presented on autism, pedagogy and technology at national and international conferences. His presentation at the 2015 Apple Leaders Summit was an absolute highlight.
Craig will present featured workshops on his work in creative best practices for children and young people with autism.

Special Feature

We are also able to offer  limited conference  screenings of “Most Likely To Succeed”. The feature-length documentary examines the history of education, revealing the growing shortcomings of our school model in todayʼs innovative world. The film has been named “among the best edu-documentaries ever produced” by Education Week, and called a “smart and engaging look at education in the 21st century” by The Hollywood Reporter. “Most Likely To Succeed” was an official selection at the prestigious 2015 Sundance Film Festival.


Offered by staff of MOC on their work in innovation in curriculum, digital learning and well-being that has “made learning better”

Maker Space

There will also be concurrent maker space sessions offered through out the program such that participants can make and do!