1. The Possibilities -Learning & Schooling

   Led by Professor Stephen Heppell.

In early 2011 Professor Stephen Heppell was invited by the leadership of MOC to visit the college to provide advice  on how best to use the new learning spaces.

The visit was an outstanding success. Since then Professor Heppell has  returned annually and has become our “Thinker in Residence”.

During his time in residence he has presented master classes for staff, talked and worked with students and offered advice on the developmental stages for MOC.

A number of the initiatives that have been as a direct result of those visits are the

  • Use of space and pedagogy
  • Development of age appropriate learning commons, for example Play in the Early Years, Adventure in the Primary Years
  • Challenge of fun in schooling.

In Stephen’s real job he is

  • Professor and Chair in New Media Environments, Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University,
  • Professor Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid.
  • Emeritus Professor Anglia Ruskin University and
  • Executive Chairman Learning Possibilities+

He is simply one of the world’s leading and most respected experts on technology and education.

Professor Heppell did keynotes on the future of learning and walk and talk workshops around our site about the possible use of space- physical, digital and community. These were complemented by workshops and presentations from MOC staff

2. Positive Education

    Led by David Bott & John Hendry (Institute of Positive Education)

The Institute of Positive Education is an initiative by Geelong Grammar School aimed at improving student wellbeing. The training programmes are designed to have a meaningful impact on the future wellbeing of both educators and young people so that they can flourish and contribute to their world in more positive ways. The courses allow participants to explore the key concepts and skills of Positive Education in a practical way and all content is supported by empirical research.

MOC has had  a number of staff trained over the past three years and have embedded principles of Positive Education throughout the college. Geelong Grammar offered both keynotes and two training workshops one on  MIdfulness and the other FLOW. Complementing these were presentations by staff of MOC on our initiatives in Positive Education.

3. Digital Learning 

    Led by Dean Clark and Simon Shaw (Apple Distinguished Educators.)

MOC is an Apple Distinguished School (2012-2015) and is committed that the “Future is Now” and technology should be used to level the playing field. As a 1:1 school,where no child pays for a device, the devices are seen as tools for creating not just consuming.

The creating is now extending to new ways of not only developing and delivering content but also looking at “new curriculum”

Working with a team Apple Distinguished Educators, participants experienced  blended sessions with facilitated hands-on time, creating iBooks and iTunes U courses to use in school. These workshops were complemented by presentations by staff from MOC on new courses (Coding, Gaming) , integrating Ipads in younger years and many more.

4. Maker Space 

Led by staff from MOC and artists Phillip Hind, Michelle Mitolo. 

Three teachers from Mark Oliphant College visited  Gever Tully in 2012 to get immersed in the Tinkering pedagogy and undertaking a Tinkering Immersive with , in order to open a Tinkering School in Australia.

Gever Tulley is considered the founder of the maker space movement as he founded the Tinkering School in 2005 in order to learn how children become competent and to explore the notion that kids can build anything, and through building, learn anything.

MOC Tinkering has evolved into maker spaces throughout the college as we have a focus on product, exhibition and real audience. In Maker Space workshops participants will do and make “stuff”. It was a massive hit in 2013.

 For full details of the 2014 program follow the links below.