In this model of governance:

  • The cooperative role of governing council and school staff is emphasised.
  • Management and governance are clearly separated.
  • The focus is on improving student learning outcomes.
  • The broad directions are set and monitored by the governing council.
  • The site leader and staff are responsible for reporting.

The Mark Oliphant College Governing Council has representation from

  • parents who have children in  the school – this is the majority representation
  • aboriginal parent representation
  • staff representation
  • student representatives
  • representatives of local Member of SA Parliament, City of Playford and Playford Alive Community Reference Group.

Our Chairperson is Ms Lee Russell

There are currently three sub-committees

  1. Finance
  2. Fundraising
  3. Uniform

The Council members actively seek feedback from the wider school community and as such have a facebook page where parents can ask questions, raise issues. It is moderated by the Governing Council.