Senior Years students are taught by specialist teachers across the curriculum.

The Senior Years curriculum is determined by two frameworks; the SACE (Years 11 and 12) and the Australian Curriculum Year 10.

Students who are entitled to targeted support receive that in class.

Every Senior Years student is supplied with a personal digital device, from 2013 that access has been 24/7.

The Senior Years Course Counselling site provides detailed information on South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) requirements, our curriculum offerings and our assessment reporting processes.

Pastoral Care

All Senior Years students participate in a comprehensive pastoral care program. Pastoral care is provided by the Home Group teacher undertaken as an Integrated Learning program. Senior Years students are challenged to develop the capabilities of Communication, Citizenship, Learning, Personal Development and Work.

Students achieve this through involvement in a range of activities in the classroom, in a work environment outside of school related to post school options and in an in-depth study of an area of choice that demonstrates adult world connections.

There is also a comprehensive program of assemblies, award presentations and sports activities.



Senior Years Contacts

Ms Angie Corbo               Head of School

Ms Kylie Christians          Leader, Learning and Well Being

Mr Daniel Quinlivan          Leader, Learning and Teaching (SACE & Year 12)

Mr Ryan Clancy              Leader, Learning and Engagement (Year 10/11)