Those partnerships have developed as our school has developed. The key groups who have partnered with us over those five years and with whom we have  ongoing and strong relationship are

  • University of Adelaide– a teaching partnership school, Compass Adelaide, Children’s University, Confucius Institute and Master’s program.
  • High Tech High– Graduate School of Education – Leading schools program.
  • Tinkering Schools – working with Gever Tully

More information about these partnerships can be found at the links below.

In addition Mark Oliphant College B-12 has a special relationship with PLAYFORD ALIVE as the college is located near the “centre” of the Playford Alive development and was the “first major building(s)”. Playford Alive is one of the biggest urban renewal projects in Australia and is rejuvenating around 1,000 hectares of land in the north of Adelaide.

Developed in joint partnership with the State Government, the City of Playford and the local community, this is one of Australia’s most ambitious development projects to date – joining new and existing suburbs through best practice in urban and community development.
The project includes:

  • Regenerating the Peachey Belt (Smithfield Plains and Davoren Park) and developing new areas for housing north of Curtis Rd and west of Stebonheath Rd.
  • An increase in the population from 13,000 to 30,000
  • More than 4000 new homes
  • Improved community facilities, including schools and training facilities, shopping, health and welfare
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient initiatives

The provision of new schools is one of the key components of the project

The Playford Alive Project have sponsored

  • our after school study hubs
  • Tinkering School and
  • Subsidised hire of the facilities by the community.

In addition the funding support through the Australian Government Smarter Schools National Partnerships is designed to build the capacity of South Australian schools and contribute to the achievement of the following National Education Agreement Outcomes:

  • All children are engaged in and benefiting from schooling;
  • Young people are meeting basic literacy and numeracy standards, and overall levels of literacy and numeracy achievement are improving;
  • Schooling promotes social inclusion and reduces educational disadvantage of children, especially indigenous children;
  • Australian students excel by international standards;
  • Young people make a successful transition from school to work and further study.

For details of the funding available follow the link below.