Staff Teams

The whole of college structure is based on the schools within a school model. This means that not only are the children and young people in smaller groupings so are all the teaching and support staff.

We know that our staff work best in smaller teams whether they be Year Level groups of three to seven teachers, or to the larger sub-school teams. No teacher or curriculum support officer “belongs” to more than one sub-school.

This gives our sub-schools a significant degree of autonomy over timetable structures and special programs whilst still operating within our core framework of culture and curriculum.

We often describe Mark Oliphant College as a Village of Schools.

The four key staff teams are

Executive Leadership Team – led by the Principal and also comprising Deputy Principal, Executive Leader, Assistant Principal, the five Heads of School and the Business Manager. For information and contact details for these personnel follow the links on the Contact Us page.

Sub-School Teams– these are by far the largest groups and comprise 25-35 teachers and support staff. Each is led by a Head of School. For more information on their composition see the Organisational Chart link below.

Operations and Curriculum Team– the small team that provide services across the whole of college and also ensures the smooth operation of all curriculum and daily operations at the college. This team is led by the Deputy Principal and comprises a small leadership group ofArea of Study co-ordinatiors, Coordinator- Whole of College Well Being) and all the specialist support and operational services- ICT, Laboratory, Library and Aboriginal Education.

Administration Team– The team of school support officers that provide clerical support to the whole college plus undertake the financial and resources management of the college. This team is led by the Business Manager.