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Early Years

The Early Years at Mark Oliphant College comprises our Children’s Centre (Preschool, Occasional Care and family programs) and our Junior Primary classes Foundation – Year 2. We believe that today is as important to our children as tomorrow and that they are entitled to an engaging, experiential curriculum designed to meet their developmental needs. We also believe that learning to read and write are the most important educational outcomes of Early Years education.

Early Years Structure

Students experience a core curriculum taught by their classroom teacher as well as a team of teachers who deliver the specialist aspects of the curriculum. Children who require extra support may receive that in class and/or in small withdrawal groups.


All staff design and assess learning according to the Australian Curriculum.

A focus on Oral language, phonological awareness and phonics supported with high quality pedagogical practices are key components to develop foundational skills.


Our student reports meet the requirements of the State Government’s plain-language student reports for South Australian public schools.

This means that our reports

  • are provided in writing twice a year.
  • use plain English that is easy to understand
  • include A-E achievement levels for student learning
  • provide a descriptive assessment of each student’s progress and achievement.

Early Years Contacts

Kendall Proud, Head of SchoolMelissa Demasi, Leader
Student Wellbeing
Jacqui Atyeo, Senior Leader
Pedagogy and Curriculum F – 6
Updated 28th June 2021