Student Representative Council

At Mark Oliphant College, we value the voice of our student body and recognise the importance that students have real opportunities to be involved in the decisions relating to the growth and development of the school, its policies and pedagogies.

The role of Student Representative Council at Mark Oliphant College is to promote the interests of the school through the active participation of the students’ involvement in the decision making of the day to day functions of the school community working with peers, staff, management and Governing Council.

At Mark Oliphant College, we have a five pronged approach to our Student Voice:

  • To promote and incorporate the School Values of Respect, Responsibility and Safety in every aspect of college life, through leadership, role modeling and mentorship. To promote and incorporate the School Rules of; ‘I am safe, I am a learner and I am respectful’ and get along with others.
  • To be strong advocates for student representation in the Restorative Practice approach to Mark Oliphant College’s behaviour management process.
  • To inform, develop, support and promote positive relationships between students and teachers. Every student spends at least 12 years studying and learning with teachers. This means that the formal years of their lives are spent with their parents and teachers. Therefore how the student and teachers interact with each other has a major impact on the students’ academic performance. The student / teacher relationships also pave the way for future opportunities and capabilities.
  • To be active participants in the decision-making process of all aspects of the learning environment inclusive of the Australian Curriculum and SACE through classroom practices, integrated learning, extra-curricular activities, subject selections and subjects offered at Mark Oliphant College.
  • To have strong representation from 7 -12 on specific focus teams that are beneficial to the school community through solution outcomes.

The College SRC consists of two College Captains and one Vice-Captain.

  • There are two representatives from Years 7 – 11 supported by two staff members.
  • At any point, students are welcomed to raise any issues or ideas through their SRC.
  • SRC manages a range of activities including the annual MOC Olympics, hosting assemblies, fundraising events, and leadership conferences.

An address from each of the co-captains . . . . .

“As a captain of 2021 for Mark Oliphant College, I will aim to maintain the high standards of our school and uphold the school values of respect, responsibility and safety by leading as an example and being a positive role model for my peers.  

My identity has always been important to me, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and coming to Australia as a refugee. I have always aimed to strive for the best regardless of my journey so far and hope to encourage my peers to do the same. As a college captain, the identity of my school is also very important. This year as our school reaches a milestone of 10 years and I am in my final year. I look forward to giving back to the school that has helped shape the person I currently am and am eager to add a meaningful and positive contribution to the school.

I value being part of the SRC because I have the great opportunity to represent my peers when myself and fellow leaders are able to be the voice of the students and include their input in decisions that impact them.”

– Anne-Marie Ildephonse

“Be safe, be respectful and be responsible; these are the three core virtues that have built Mark Oliphant College to the institution it is today. As we move into our 10th anniversary, it’s important that all levels of the community reflect on what these mean and how they may apply them in their school journey. As school captain for 2021, I want to lead the student body in envisioning what the future means for them and Mark Oliphant College as I believe we shouldn’t wait for the future as “the future is now”. 

I have spent half a decade on the SRC, mapping the complexities of our community makeup and connecting with the people/ students around me. I’m a strong believer in self-discipline and having high expectations of things that are meaningful. This will allow me to balance the stresses of year 12 with the privilege of representing my peers through all challenges they may face. 

In light of recent events that have shaken our community such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that leaders are able to make up for lost ground and to be prepared for other similar situations. As co-captains for 2021, Anne-Marie and I have the goal to improve and encourage engagement of all students to school, extra-curricular and the community.”

– Shawn Lock.