In week 9 the Year 9 Specialist Soccer students ran some soccer coaching sessions with a number of Primary Years classes. This was done as part of the assessment for the soccer students for the term. 

Their task was to work in small groups to design a 30-minute Miniroos coaching session which they would run with a group of PY students. Their session had to include a warm-up, middle game and end game. To assist the students with their preparation for these sessions, we brought in a qualified instructor from Football Australia to run our students through the Miniroos Coaching Certificate. This is a 3-hour session with both practical and theory components that upon completion, all students received a Miniroos coaching certificate. This session gave the students the tools they needed to plan and then run their own coaching sessions with our PY students. 

The Year 9 soccer students then did an excellent job of running some really fun and engaging soccer sessions for the PY students, and it was awesome to see both the year 9s and the PY students having an absolute blast. Hopefully, the Year 9s were able to light a spark to get some of our younger students interested in soccer, and we are looking forward to continuing to see some collaboration between the Specialist Soccer program and the students in the Primary Years in the future. 

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