On February 25th, Chloe Vesey, Doan Vo, Evelyn Murphy and Ayden Cotter competed in a VEX IQ Robotics competition at Pedare Christian College. This was the students first major competition in which there were 22 teams from schools such as Pembroke, Pedare and Mannum High.

-Team RockemMOC placed 3rd in the Paired Skills Challenge where teams were paired with other schools to earn points.
-Chloe Vesey and the team placed first in the Solo Skills Challenge. This win now makes Chloe the best VEX IQ Skills driver in South Australia.

Next weekend Team RockemMOC will be competing at Nationals. This year it is being held in Adelaide at the Convention Centre. If you are free on the Saturday the team would certainly appreciate your support. Entrance is FREE.

Explaining the competition is difficult so I have attached a link which was streamed live yesterday. The trophy presentation is 5hours and 36minutes in.

If you see the students around please celebrate the big win.

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