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Middle Years

The Middle Years at Mark Oliphant College comprise Years 7 to 9. We have a commitment to providing a learning environment in which students can achieve at the highest level. We believe that Middle Years students learn best when they develop strong relationships with staff and peers, are intrinsically motivated and challenged, can practise required skills and can make connections in their learning.

Middle Years Structure

During the Middle Years, students experience the breadth and depth of the Australian Curriculum in high quality specialised learning facilities. Additionally, they explore pathways beyond school and develop their skills knowledge and understandings that enable them to meet the requirements for their future aspirations.

The provision of a Chromebook to every MY student empowers them to be active participants in their learning – locally and globally. The Daymap Learner Management System and Google GSuite are used extensively. This enables students to access their learning anywhere, anytime and provides instant feedback on their progress.

A range of intervention programs support students with additional needs.


Literacy and numeracy skills are explicitly taught across all curriculum areas. Clear learning intentions and success criteria underpin all learning and assessment tasks ensuring challenge and stretch. Through this approach, students become strong agents of what they are learning, why they are learning it and the next steps in their learning.


Our student reports meet the requirements of the State Government’s plain-language student reports for South Australian public schools.

This means that our reports

  • are provided in writing twice a year.
  • use plain English that is easy to understand
  • include A-E achievement levels for student learning
  • our reports are supplemented with three way learning conversations.

Middle Years Contacts

Jacky Smith, Head of School
Executive Leader, SAASTA / Aboriginal Education B-12 
Shari Bray, Leader
English/HASS/LOTE/EALD Coordinator
Adam Calnan, Assistant Principal
Behaviour Support, Daily Organisation, Timetable
Sandra Thompson, Leader
Mathematics and Science Coordinator
Deanne Sullivan, Leader
Student Intervention and Support B-12
Daniel Luciano, Leader
Arts and Technologies Coordinator
Elle Penekelis, Leader,
Learning and Engagement (Year 9)
Matthew Ames, Leader
Physical Education and Home Economics Coordinator
Brenton Meier Leader,
Learning and Engagement (Year 7 & 8) & Transition Coordinator
Michelle Davies
Student Support Officer
Samantha Luxton, Leader
Sports Coordinator
Updated 28th June 2021