Social Media

Mark Oliphant College engages enthusiastically with Social Media.

We want our students to learn how to engage with social media ethically and responsibly to create new audiences for their learning products.

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple Messages, Skype, YouTube or any other form of social networking or influencing – we know our students are and will be, using it.

As with all new media, research projects have shown time and again that if young people see a vacant space, they will fill it (and perhaps not always in the most positive way).

We need to teach our students the way to use them appropriately, to build their sense of entitlement into a sense of responsibility and to work with them on effective and safe strategies for protection whilst using social media.

There is a whole of college Facebook page, as well as over 10 other vibrant pages created as curriculum communication tools between teachers, students, families, and the wider school community.

These can assist with organisation as well as providing another means of sharing student learning experiences.

In addition, our Facebook pages link with twitter enabling another immediate information stream.

Videos, keynote films, conference presentations are shared on the MOC Youtube channel.