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Primary Years

The Primary Years at Mark Oliphant College comprise Years 3 to 6. We believe that Primary Years students learn best when they have good working relationships with their teacher and peers, are challenged, can learn and practise required skills and can make real-world connections in their learning.

Primary Years Structure

Primary Years students remain in their Home Group class for all core subjects. Primary Years students classes are “straight” year levels. Students who are entitled to extra support receive that in class.

Primary Years students experience opportunities to work in groups and construct knowledge together, developing skills such as problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Every Primary Years student is supplied with a personal digital device.


All staff design and assess learning according to the Australian Curriculum.

In the Primary Years, students continue to build on the foundational skills of oral language, phonological awareness and phonics to become independent learners capable of reading fluently and comprehending a wide variety of texts.

Teachers use evidence based components of the “BIG-6” to deliver quality teaching and learning strategies.


Our student reports meet the requirements of the State Government’s plain-language student reports for South Australian public schools.

This means that our reports

  • are provided in writing twice a year.
  • use plain English that is easy to understand
  • include A-E achievement levels for student learning
  • provide a descriptive assessment of each student’s progress and achievement.

Primary Years Contacts

 Todd McGuigan, Head of SchoolCasey Rendell, Leader,
Student Wellbeing
Jacqui Atyeo, Senior Leader,
Pedagogy and Curriculum F – 6