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Senior Years

Senior Year students consistently achieve outstanding SACE results with 96% successfully completing their SACE in 2020, the highest ever number of Mark Oliphant College students completed their SACE along with the highest ever number of students receiving a university offer.

Student academic achievement, wellbeing and engagement are tracked and monitored regularly to ensure all students are supported to reach their full potential. Wellbeing is integral in optimising student learning and we aim to develop positive, connected and engaged learners who succeed through resilience and determination. We believe students learn best when they have effective working relationships with their teachers and peers, are highly challenged to achieve their best, and are engaged in authentic learning with real-world connections.

The Senior Years Structure

The Senior Years at Mark Oliphant College comprises of students from Years 10 to 12.

Year 10 students commence SACE through the Personal Learning Plan subject which considers their strengths, passions and career aspirations. Students participate in industry immersion, work experience, alternative and extra-curricular programs.

Year 11 students have an extensive range of SACE subjects and Vocational Educational Training courses to support career aspirations. Students complete compulsory subjects; Research Project, English and Mathematics to meet the literacy and numeracy requirements of the SACE.

Year 12 students are tracked, monitored and counselled effectively to support post school transition options. Study periods are scheduled with home study options for students on track. Practice examinations are held to support the end-of-year examination.

Exams occur at the end of semester for subjects which lead to examination style assessment in Year 12. Exams are important as they provide an opportunity for further assessment as well as providing students with essential study skills.


The Senior Years’ curriculum is determined by two frameworks; the Australian Curriculum in Year 10 and The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) in Years 11 and 12.

We are committed to excellence in teaching and learning, through explicitly teaching subject specific Tier 2 and 3 words and developing student agency strategies across all curriculum areas. Flexibility in design and delivery leads to creative and collaborative work through Professional Learning Teams to support our young people to strive for their highest potential. We use flexible modes of learning through SACE subjects, VET and Flexible Learning Options (FLO). We provide career focused learning, supporting all student pathway aspirations with staff working collaboratively with students to tailor their SACE completion to their preferred pathway. Teachers focus on providing quality differentiated teaching with modifications, adjustments, special provisions and other intervention strategies for targeted groups of students. Targeted support is offered for students through a number of short and long-term intervention programs and activities.


Year 10 and Stage 1 are school assessed with grading A to E. Stage 2 is a shared responsibility between our school and the SACE board with grading A+ to E-.

A five-week reporting system to monitor and track student learning is used which includes interim reports in the middle of each term and formal reports at the end of term. Interim reporting outcomes are shared with parents/caregivers via Daymap text message for on track and at-risk students. Analysis of the data allows students to be case managed and identified for targeted intervention processes in line with the school’s Work Completion and Submission Policy. Incremental deadlines are used for SACE compulsory subjects to employ support in a timely manner. The new Daymap parent portal will allow teachers, students and parents to monitor learning progress as each assessment is completed.

Senior Years Contacts

Angie Corbo
Head of School
Nikki Giles, Leader
Flexible Learning Options (FLO) Leader
Adam Calnan, Assistant Principal
Behaviour Support, Daily Organisation, Timetable
Shari Bray, Leader
English/HASS/LOTE/EALD Coordinator
Jacky Smith, Executive Leader
SAASTA / Aboriginal Education B-12 
Sandra Thompson, Leader
Mathematics and Science Coordinator
Deanne Sullivan, Leader
Student Intervention and Support B-12
Daniel Luciano, Leader
Arts and Technologies Coordinator
Daniel Quinlivan, Leader
Learner Engagement – Years 12, SACE Achievement & VET Coordinator
Matthew Ames, Leader
Physical Education and Home Economics Coordinator
Nigel Herbert, Leader
Student Wellbeing & Engagement Coordinator
Samantha Luxton, Leader
Sports Coordinator
Jodie Rich, Leader
Learner Engagement – Year 11 Leader
Adam Bennett and Samantha Luxton
Student Representative Council
Rebecca Ramm, Leader
Learner Engagement Year 10 & Cross-Disciplinary Coordinator
(Personal Learning Plan, Research Practices,  Research Project, Workplace Practices, Community Studies)
Student Support Officers
Senior School -Lesley George
VET – Sue Holliday
FLO – Tracy Harward
Updated 28 June 2021