Please find attached our Parent Handbook including Welcome Letter. The handbook details many of the fundamentals of “life at MOC” including fees and school information.

Note there are two Materials and Services Charges- one primary and the other secondary. The secondary fees also have included specific subject charges for some choice subjects in Years 10 – 12. Preschool fees are set at $60 per term.

Occasional Care

The Children’s Centre has further information on Occasional Care times and fees.


The canteen is managed by Alliance Catering and complies with healthy eating guidelines.

Students may order lunches. The canteen accepts cash and also has Electronic Card facilities, including PayWave.

There are two distinct canteen serveries – Middle and Senior Years students enter via one side entrance and Early and Primary Years students via the another.

The canteen menu changes twice per year- the changes reflect both summer and winter appropriate menus.


Wearing of the Mark Oliphant College uniform is compulsory for all students in Reception through to Year 12.

School uniform is important because:-

  • we know immediately if there are strangers on campus.
  • the colour coding ensures that we know to which sub school a student belongs.
  • it encourages student pride in themselves and their school.

The Governing Council has endorsed our Uniform Policy.

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

At Mark Oliphant College our service is provided by Happy Haven.

This service includes:-

  • Before and After School Care
  • Vacation Care
  • For more information including times and contact details please follow the link below.

School Term Dates

The dates for DfE school terms can be found at the link below.