Our students came on the site of the event at around 8.30 to be dressed up with Indonesian traditional costumes. We rehearsed our performance at the back of the stage on a spot called The Green Room (A performer’s dedicated preparation space) until when the Gamelan Performers began their turn before the Opening Ceremony. It was an exact time for us to step up on the stage as all the VIPs had just arrived on their own seat when the Gamelan Performers almost finished playing. So, we were among the first performers the VIPs first enjoyed and applauded, as per the news section. 

Right after the main stage 10 minutes performance, we had the chance to take a picture together with all of the VIPs at the front of VIP lunch tent. From there, we then continue to do another 30 minutes performance in the kid’s section of the event (please see Kids Activities in the program run down). This last performance is divided into three; Saxophone+Bass performance from two students on Indonesian National Anthem, Fashion Show by the choir members, and the same choir singing to conclude it with. 

With regards to students’ consumption, each member of the whole performance was given a $12 voucher from the Indofest committee, plus extra snacks and drinks pre- and post-performance to help conserve their energy for their 6 hours being on the event site. 

All in all, it was a highly successful event for us as a performer due to the many positive feedback we have been receiving from the Indofest committee, the audience, our fellow Indonesian teachers from other schools who were there to watch, and also the parents and guardians of the students. So, a huge step forward for MOC Indonesian program to have sent the students there. 

And last but not least, many thanks also to all of our leaders in particular that have agreed, permitted, and supported the Indonesian team to make all of this happens.

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