Exhibitions of Learning are a major feature of our Learning Program - this month we are showcasing our Term 3 2017 Exhibition for Early and Primary Years


Mark Oliphant College B-12 (MOC) is located in Munno Para. The college provides education and care (occasional and out of school hours) for children and young people in purpose built facilities on one site. The goal is the seamless provision of outstanding services to the children, young people and their families who attend our school

Featured Video

Mark Oliphant College (MOC) uses media in all aspects of schooling, including curriculum, creativity, communication and celebration. Videos can also be accessed from all our internal pages. The featured video changes regularly and celebrates one of those aspects. OUR CURRENT VIDEO IS A "MOC"UMENTARY ON THE LATEST MY/SY EXHIBITION OF LEARNING. THE PURPOSE OF THE VID WAS TO DEMONSTRATE PBL@MOC.

Our Schools

Mark Oliphant College is South Australia’s first purpose built facility combining care, preschool, junior primary, primary and secondary education. Our children and young people belong to smaller more personalised sub-schools within the college. The sub-schools are the - Early Years (Birth to Year 2)
, Primary Years (Years 3 to 6)
, Middle Years (Years 7 to 9)
 and Senior Years (Years 10 to 12)

. Whilst all sub-schools share the same college principles, each is different in ways that support the age and developmental needs of their students.

Our Curriculum

Our mission is to “MAKE LEARNING BETTER” for all in this digital age to enable the development of high achieving students and staff. We do that through our "LESS IS MORE" learning design which encompasses explicit teaching of core curriculum complemented with engaging project based learning.
Teachers work in only one sub-school. They work with smaller numbers of students enabling greater personalisation, engagement and differentiation. Students have more time on fewer subjects such that work is covered to a greater depth. This approach is integrated with learning experiences that are personalized, relevant  and produce authentic product, which they exhibit to their parents, peers and teachers.

For Our Families

We are committed to developing effective ways to collaborate with members of our community to improve the learning experiences and outcomes of our children and young people. This section of our website outlines information for our families and how we can work together to improve these outcomes for all our students.

Mutual Obligations

There are mutual obligations between Mark Oliphant College B-12  and our student / parent community. We have high expectations of our students and we will provide as many supports as possible including a free 1:1 digital learning program. We therefore have significant expectations of our students and parents across all areas of school life.  

Your Feedback

We value the feedback from our families and school community. Please send us your feedback and complaints using the link below.

News & Events

MOC has a commitment to ensuring our families and community receive timely and relevant information.To that end we publish newsletters weekly.  The Early Years and Middle Years newsletters go home one fortnight and Primary Years and Senior Years  go home on the alternate fortnight. These are sent home with the children and also posted on the website - please follow links below. At the beginning of each term there is a short (1 or 2 page ) Principal's newsletter which is sent home to provide information on staff changes or other developments. Posted in B-12 News. In addition there is a news magazine published at the end of terms 1,2 &3. This is sent to every family in the end of term mailout. Posted in B-12 News. The principal and a number of other staff and students write irregular blogs these can be accessed at MOC Blogs. MOC also has a strong presence in Social Media platforms such as facebook and twitter. News during the week is posted on our main face book page. This can be accessed via the button at top of any page. Our twitter feed below is a compilation not only of the main fb page but also many of our other pages. Towards the end of each year a Year Book is produced providing a pictorial record of the year.  Posted in B-12 News. Finally any media items, special events are highlighted via the banners on the front page
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